Community of
curious minds

Our campuses are places where you can meet and mingle with a community of fellow curious minds. There are places where we will surprise you. All the time.

We create an
environment centered around you

Our community managers and social media apps facilitate contacts with your fellow members and your participation to the community.

You decide whether you want to share a little or a lot about you. You decide whether you wish to participate actively to the community or not at all.

We program, curate and animate events,
workshops and activities

We offer you the opportunity to participate to a unique flow of events, workshops and activities.

You want to share an idea or launch a project? Our campuses are for you. We give you the technology, the space and our support to create your own program.

We enjoy life
and so do you

Urban Campus has a wide range of social spaces including music rooms, lounges and rooftop bars.

For a song. For a drink. For a night.

What we value

Discover what drives us in creating our Urban Campus' community

We design campuses to support lifelong
learners and

We are passionate about discovering and learning, whatever the topic. So are you. Surprise yourself by doing something new. Teach someone something he or she does not know.

We embrace

Our campuses welcome curious minds whoever they are. Wherever they come from. Full stop.