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We value constructive partnerships with leading organizations and ingenious individuals.

Real estate
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Our urban campuses respond to well-established trends to refresh the usage of space and to redefine cities. They are part of an emerging asset class with strong fundamentals.

We partner with leading real estate developers and investors to create or transform buildings into 5-10,000 m2 urban campuses. We look for sites in Europe’s largest cities particularly in areas being gentrified or under-used office parks.

We seek to create attractive investment opportunities for our partners by using our unique expertise and technology.


We can accommodate and actively support the development of your incubators, start-ups and projects teams.

We can also provide a smart and affordable housing option to your temporary and permanent staff and consultants, giving you an extra edge in recruiting and retaining talent.

The Urban Campus’ community can also help you design, test, launch, iterate and refine new products or services.